Day Without Us: National Teach In

Post Event

Day Without Us is over – but our work is just beginning:
Here’s are a few things you can do to keep building on the incredible momentum of #DayWithoutUs
  • First, link up with a local repro justice or voting rights formation in your area and GET INVOLVED. They need you — in more ways than you can think. Give them your talent, your time, and your treasure.
  • If you weren’t able to watch the livestream of #DayWithoutUs, don’t worry — we got you. You can check out the replay of the full recording HERE, and we’ve created a resources page on our website with curriculum and other materials from our organizers and partners. And don’t forget to Share the Day Without Us content with your people.
  • Sign up to be an Election Defender. You will get a chance to work with our teammates Tiffany Flowers, Angela Peoples and Leslie Mac. To get more info about becoming an Election Defender text FRONTLINE to 30403
  • Finally, support folks in places where our people are confronted with the realities of climate crises.
    • We encourage you to support families in Florida, especially dealing with the aftermath of Hurricane Ian. Visit the Community Emergency Operations Center in collaboration with The Smile Trust to get more info and donate.
    • Check out The Peoples Advocacy Institute in Jackson, Mississippi. They are still fighting for access to clean drinking water.
Octavia E. Butler once said that “the very act of trying to look ahead — to discern possibilities and offer warnings — is in itself an act of hope.” Thank you for acting on your hope at #DayWithoutUs.
So what comes next? That’s really up to us. As Tiffany Flowers says, “The doors of the movement are wide open” — and reproductive justice is the pathway forward. #DayWithoutUs was and is a love offering to everyone. There is a place for you in this work. Join us!

Join Us, Friday September 30th!

Answer the urgent call to exercise our collective power in a #DayWithoutUs. The fight for our future is happening right now. In order to actualize America — the land that has never been and yet must be, where every human is free — our ask of you is simple: STAY HOME ON FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 30th to gather virtually or in person. We’ll learn together, make connections, build community, and fortify ourselves for what comes next.

We are choosing to remove ourselves

About Us

Day Without Us is organized by a group of Black Women committed to the liberation of all people. We know the electorate. Providing care and relief is an important part of our individual and collective work. People should not have to decide between participating in democracy and feeding their families. On September 30th, we invite you to join your community to meet this moment collectively and exercise the power we have and the freedom that comes from flexing that power together.

About us

#DayWithoutUS emphasizes the autonomy of participants above all. We will move participants from education to absorption to action around reproductive justice and democracy defense, realizing that work encompasses labor, climate, racial, disability, housing, and gender justice. By hosting in-person gatherings and virtual teach-ins in communities across the country, we’ll share information and immediately connect people with local reproductive justice, democracy, and organizing work happening where they live. 

A word about the inclusivity of #DayWithoutUs

Reproductive justice is not a “women’s issue” — it is everyone’s issue. Women and birthing people have the most to lose in this fight, but we all have the most to gain when we come together in solidarity and demand our collective freedom.
From the start, the #DayWithoutUs national teach-in was meant to create space for ALL people of ALL identities in ALL places to resist the everyday systems that TAKE, so we can give back to each other through a day-long pause for protest, learning, and community building.
Rooted in Black feminism, reproductive justice does not stop with people who have uteruses, are seeking an abortion, etc. It’s an expansive framework, extending to everyone — because we are all inherently worthy of bodily autonomy.
It’s important to note, however, that when we say “women,” we mean: cisgender women and transgender women, as well as marginalized gender identities and other selfhoods — such as non-binary and gender-nonconforming — that are oppressed by cisheteronormative patriarchy.
Any attack on reproductive justice is an attack on us all. If you feel that you are not directly impacted by reproductive injustice, please know that you are or at least that someone you know and love is.
#DayWithoutUs acknowledges these truths, and that’s why #DayWithoutUs is for everybody and every body.
To accomplish the #DayWithoutUs, we’re building an inclusive table developed by Black women-led reproductive justice organizations and organizers who understand that all of our movements are connected. The urgency to address reproductive rights is directly related to protecting our overall freedoms. In this intervention, framed by our shared lived experiences as Black people, we must also reckon with the varied privileges that exist in being able to take the day off. We will offer material support to those who would feel economic impact by joining this day of action. We must remove as many barriers to participation as possible to test and flex our collective physical and economic impact.