Day Without Us: National Teach In

#DayWithoutUs is a day of protest, learning, and community building. Our current conditions require that we exercise our power in both new and familiar ways. As Black women, we have always been connectors between our communities and every part of the democratic process; this is no different. The urgency to address reproductive rights is a direct part of protecting our overall freedom. On September 30th, we invite you to join a mass teach-in to make those connections.

  • When : All-day Friday, September 30, 2022
  • Where : Online and #DayWithoutUs pop-us across America
  • What : Easily accessible online programs and information sessions, #DayWithoutUs pop-ups across America featuring local community and movement organizations
  • Why : We own our bodies and our time. We know that our bodies- the very bodies our government is attempting to exert more control over daily- fuel and drive the systems that keep this country going. America runs on us. #DayWithoutUs — we resist business as usual. On Friday, September 30th, we will remove ourselves from our daily routines and join a mass teach-in to understand how the fight for reproductive justice is a fight for all of our freedoms — and learn how to plug into the fight from where you are.
Friday, September 30th, 2022, is the 46th anniversary of the Hyde Amendment. The Hyde Amendment blocks federal Medicaid funding for abortion services. Medicaid is government-assisted healthcare and cannot cover abortion even when a patient’s health is at risk and their doctor recommends they get an abortion. This policy falls hardest on Black, Indigenous, and other people of color who are more likely to be insured by Medicaid due to inequities linked to racism and discrimination. September 30th is also three days before the United States Supreme Court returns for its term
After the Supreme Court ruled that we do not have the right to control our bodies and health care decisions through the Dobbs decision, many of us were distraught over the continued attacks on our communities. We wanted to know how to support reproductive justice work, abortion funds, and what we could do to restore what was so abruptly stolen. The organizers working on #DayWithoutUs were inundated with calls about what to do, and two things became clear to all of us – Our people are hungry for clear information on how to plug in, and they are ready to take action!

The goal of #DayWithoutUs is to answer the call!

We invite you to disrupt business as usual in America by refusing to go to school and work and instead joining in a day of virtual fun, learning and finding the best place in person to join and support local community organizing. This day is designed for everyone, especially those who might not be plugged into “movement” work but want change and a clear path with trustworthy information to join impactful work.

Our goal is to scale and direct the energy of this moment on the left by connecting people to trusted sources and guide them to the community work/organizations/unions where they live. In short, this is an opportunity to build power, not build a new organization
We will provide free and accessible online programming during the day on Friday, September 30th. We will demonstrate how the attack on our reproductive freedom is on all our freedoms by featuring content, speakers, and presentations from organizers, everyday leaders, activists, and entertainers who will help us make clear connections.

We also have an offline component – #DayWithoutUs pop-us. These sights will vary in size and theme as local organizations and individuals anchor them. The purpose of pop-ups is to offer our attendees and other interested parties immediate, hands-on, fun opportunities to meet, greet, and join local organizations and individuals and learn how to plug in existing networks. (unions, community organizing, GOTV, ballot initiatives, community and self-care stations,…)
Us is everyone! Us is everyone who demands:
  • Safety for ourselves and the people we love in school, at home, at work, and in public shared spaces
  • Privacy to make personal choices without interference from outside forces or the government
  • Bodily autonomy and the right to define our families for ourselves
  • Climate crisis intervention
  • Fresh food to eat
  • Clean water to drink
  • Housing for all people
  • Unionized, dignified workplaces that provide us the means to thrive and live in our fullness
  • Participation in free and fair elections without fear of violence or intimidation
  • Freedom from surveillance
  • Democracy not fascism
  • The means to thrive–however we define it
  • Everybody who is sick and tired of being sick and tired!
Everybody (we’re telling EVERYBODY!)
It is FREE to participate in #DayWithoutUs.
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No. This is not sponsored or run by any elected official or candidate. #DayWithoutUs is for us by us.
No – this is for EVERYONE! This day is designed for everyone who might not know much about or feel connected to “movement” work but wants change and seeks trustworthy information and clear paths to plug in.
Yes. #DayWithoutUs online programming will be suitable for high schoolers and older students.
While Black women of all backgrounds and identities are leading #DayWithoutUs, we are centering our core values — not any specific identity. This work is inclusive of ALL PEOPLE, and our goal is to ensure that anyone and everyone who shares our values and intentions feel welcome, appreciated, and excited to join #DayWithoutUs spaces and events.